Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Habari Gani!

As we celebrate the season, let's try real hard to not give a strange, fat, dressed in red white guy credit for all the fabulous gifts we worked hard to buy our children. Let them understand that it takes mom and dad's commitment to their jobs, love and understanding to get those gifts under that tree. Then ask yourself why you would even want some strange person to come in your home in the middle of the night for any reason while your children were nestled in their beds.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Revisited

Before I let this go, I have one more thought on the Tiger's wood debacle. I kept running into articles mentioning how Black women were upset because Tiger was with only white women. I of course wondered why any Black woman would think this. Tiger stated many times that he was not Black and distanced himself from the Black community. Well thank God he did!! Why would anyone want to claim this mess?

I was happy to see that his 'women' were all white 'semi-professionals'...if you get my drift. I would have been embarrassed if a Black woman was caught up in this mess. His is a world of high-pay-expecting 'dates' and who wants to be seen as that kind of classless whore all over the world? You never see Black women caught up in such a thing thank heavens because these clueless men run to cheap whore-ish white women with fake boobs, buns and silicone lips instead. We lose out on the dinners, limo rides, clothes and cash here and there (very little as I have read) but we keep our dignity. Thanks Tiger for being very discriminating on your taste in women. I appreciate you keeping Black women on a much higher pedestal than the white bimbos with which you surround yourself.

Good looking out, player!!

...I am wondering long will it be after all the white people have dropped him before he starts claiming he is Black, accepting gigs in Black venues and being seen with Black people. I tell ya, we Black folks have to start discriminating a bit...if he tries...maybe we should run the other way...because next time the headlines will read 'Top Black Golfer Caught with His Pants Down'!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Child Star Lessons

Tiger is going through later in life what all child stars do...act out and get in trouble. His life was dictated to him and he gained wealth and notoriety from it. But ultimately, he missed a lot of maturing and growing up time practicing on the golf course. Now he feels like he needs to go through his teen years and go buck wild. The only problem is that he is an adult and married with children and a huge public figure. Most child stars do this at some point in their lives. The list is very long...most children who were stars at a young age, spent most of their time practicing a sport the parents thought they 'showed talent in' endure some sort of crisis in their adult years. They often have drug problems, alcohol addiction, or get arrested for some crazy reason. It amazes me that people actually thought this man was perfection personified and he could do no wrong. They forgot he was human and male!

His parents have insisted that he had a normal childhood with plenty of video game playing and eating junk food. The problem is that I never hear about the teen years, dating, hanging with friends, doing what a 'normal' teen does. They say he liked playing golf and was happy to practice. Unfortunately kids don't always let a parent know how they really feel. They know the parents are happy seeing the practicing, the TV appearances, so the child continues without complaining. The child may not even know that being driven at such an early age is a problem. But in our society it is. This may not be an issue in another country with different values and commitments to discipline, but in the US, children need time to act out and do silly things.

Someone said Tiger perpetrated a fraud through the image we see of him in the media. I don't think created the image of Tiger...Don't ever remember him saying he is perfect without any faults...He was just making money from whomever offered and by winning his game. Being faithful to the wife was never part of the package. So he has made millions and that may end but he is still rich beyond most of our imaginations. He may be hurting because he looks bad in the media but his wallet is still stuffed. Wrong as it may have been, the image they all talk about was a media image created for the money machine called Tiger Woods.

This is another lesson to all parents who live through their kids. Tiger and his parents reaped the financial benefits but the emotional issues remain unresolved. I am not saying that I condone what he has done or even feel sorry for him, but there is an explanation worth thinking about.