Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me and Mine

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary!! I'm quite proud that we have made it this far and look forward to 21 more years! Whoo hooo!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Gifts

Enough of the gift already!! I was reading a blog that was criticizing a gift given to a foreign head of state. It was just such a stupid topic to be still beating that poor poor dead horse, I had to post something here.

Who the hell cares what was given to a political leader of another country--and what makes him or them more important than anyone else on this planet? And isn't that a form of socialism...taking taxpayer money and getting something to give to another person? All the criticisms have been coming from the 'right' and they don't believe in giving someone something for free supposedly. LOL In fact, the nicer gifts should be given to the average person the Obamas meet who could use a lift of spirits. I think the idea of those on top economically always getting the great freebies has always been a horrible practice. Mr. Head of State doesn't need a gift at all!! Mr. Head of State makes tons of money, will make tons of money and can buy whatever he likes. Gosh...Americans are sooooooo incredibly stupid Hellooooooo...it's the economy stupid!! Let's move on to something that is actually important to most people in the world.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rush 2009

I was fairly amused the last two weeks at Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh jockeying for position in the Republican party. I was equally amused and the Obama administration making Rush seem like the ad hoc leader with Steele in place simply in a dumb attempt to attract non-white male voters. It seems they are still up to their mind games thinking an intelligent individual will jump on board simply because someone looks like them.

That's not what happened with Obama. People of color didn't make him president. White people did. Now Rush is trying to make sure the second term does not happen by trying to reduce Obama's effectiveness making sure all eyes are on him. He is an entertainer and likes to entertain. But ultimately, he is not in the government so therefore cannot make any policies. But the RNC holds him higher than their own leader. This is evident because Steele was required to publicly apologize to someone that did not need an apology. I would not be surprised if Steele leaves his post early. If he stays it's because he is greedy and foolish. It is obvious that he is simply being used as a figurehead but others are making the real decisions. His apology had to send his mind reeling. I can't imagine it was easy for him to degrade himself that much.

It's interesting how some people love certain ideas when it's coming out of Limbaugh's mouth. They like to put blinders on. As I recall there are tax cuts in the bill even though Rush is claiming his idea for the economy is the only one that contains tax cuts. As I recall, cutting corporate taxes and 'promoting' job creation by allowing the wealthy to keep more of their money was the name of the game since the '80's with Reagan at the helm. Ultimately it and Bush's two wars brought us to where we are now. Ideas such as supply side will only work if the wealthy do not get greedy. That is the problem. Greed caused the creation of sub-prime lending. Greed caused these banks to package their debts and sell them as investments. Greed caused the big CEO's to sign off on irresponsible investments and policies. Greed caused many Americans to spend more than they had and buy homes they could not afford. Until we fix the basic desire for 'more' that is inherent in many human beings, society will continue to have it's ups and downs. No one program will work because supply side economics has already been tried and failed. If it worked we would not be here now. Big spending will not work either.

We all just have to learn to live differently. Be responsible. Be reasonable. Be informed. My husband told me about the economic crisis looming in the horizon over three years ago (I called him Chicken Little at the time) and all he did was do some reading online. I began paying attention to him, stopped calling him Chicken Little as the sky started to seem much closer, moved my investments and avoided a financial blood bath. We cut spending and drove less. Why did he know three years ago about the sub-prime mess, skyrocketing gas prices and economic collapse when you never heard about it here or anywhere else in the media? Because government and the media hide the truth to make things look better than they are while they are running away with your money. Wait until we hear about the bundling of credit card debt as an investment vehicle. Here comes the next wave so be prepared and get yourself educated. Just don't agree with someone because you see them all over the news.