Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am just about tired of hearing about all the horrible Communist and Nazi programs our president is trying to push on us helpless citizens. I am tired of the media giving so much voice and credence to cries of Nazism and the like. I am tired of hearing the ignorant religious bigoted prejudiced displays of hatred. They went too far with the education speech. When are we going to stand up and vocally support the president? The only people who are being heard right now are those against him and it makes me worry. It makes me worry because it seems like a scene from True Blood when Mary Ann vibrates wildly and all the townspeople break into a crazed frenzy. That's what's going on now.

This is what the main problem is:

They are afraid the face of intelligence is no longer White Anglo Saxon. They don't want their kids learning anything from a Black man even if he is president. They worry we peoples of color are taking over. That's what it's all about. They also want to make sure they pounce on everything Obama so he has no chance of winning in 4 years. I also believe some are thinking that if 'Maryann' vibrates enough with all that negative crap and all the misinformation and lies, someone will be so entranced that they will try to hurt the president. This was evident in the fall during the campaign and it is even more evident now. They don't care what happens to our country, just how they can keep their foot on Obama's neck pressed to the floor.

Let's work hard to make sure they don't get their wish. Let's work on getting our voices out there.