Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday @ The Evil Empire

Just when we had an event that included a positive (at least to retail establishments) use of the word 'black' some nappy-headed, crazy-as-they-wanna-be, stupid-acting, cheap-Walmart- shopping, dumb-ass Negroes go stampeding to buy some cheap shit at the Evil Empire. What the hell is wrong with these Black folks? You killed a human being to be the first to get some dumb shit at a slight discount!! Hmmm...guess the 'reason for the season' is lost on all of you standing there that morning waiting in the cold with 1,999 other ignorami. And a poor guy trying to make a little extra cash gave his life for all of you. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

People, 'THINGS' ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE!! This should have never happened and shines a very bright light on our need for the biggest, brightest, best new toy or gadget in the store. We gotta get it before the neighbors do. Little Jr. needs that video game machine so that he can play it instead of studying. Gotta get that HDTV before the football game. Gotta get that deep discount the 'Empire' advertised even though we know there are only 5 of that item in the whole damn store.

We no longer have anything to live for, to look forward to, if the goal is to be standing in a line in the middle of the night at the doors of the 'Empire' waiting for them to let us in so we can spend our hard earned money on some little piece of trash made by a 10 year old kid in China. Now I must admit that I too have stood in a line at a few stores over the years to get in on a good shopping deal even though I knew it was silly. But I tell myself, the discount was worth it. But a discount is definitely not worth risking my life, the life of my kids (I always brought my oldest to help and saw many other kids there too) and the life of an employee of any store. The one rule I always had was to never go to the 'Empire' because the quality of their stuff is shitty at best. I assumed it would be mayhem at that place. As a general rule, I don't shop there because they don't even have the decency to tidy the store and mop the floors every day. This year I decided that no discount was worth losing sleep over and looking foolish standing out there in the cold (well lesser warmth as I am in San Antonio!). Besides, I can do just as well shopping online. I did go out later in the morning and got a really great deal on a mixer, leather jacket, etc. I went to more respectable stores (yes, I know, still made in China). Even then someone was complaining that the electronics store only had 7 of a certain HDTV he wanted. The difference between crowds at the 'Empire' and crowds at other stores is stark--we respect other human beings. Some stores gave out lottery tickets so that there was no need to panic and they controlled the flow of people as they opened the door. They had security at the door. They had police in the parking lot. They took care of their shoppers and their employees. I read that the employees made a human fence by linking arms to control the flow of shoppers. I hope this has taught them (those employees) that no job is worth putting yourself in front of an angry mob and risking your life.

...And this happens after we got an image of a black thug who violently killed the pretty blond news anchor in Arkansas...

This happens after we just elected a highly educated and qualified mixed-race African American to be our president. Some of us may have thought that maybe this election was a sign that we are getting 'there' and we are beginning to 'achieve', take our rightful place in history, putting a positive face out there for all the world to see. Enter the Negroes of the 'Empire' to dash our hopes all to hell! Their stampeding faces plastered all over the Internet, on every newspaper...

To those who willingly stomped on someone's body: HOPE LITTLE JR. LIKED THE NEW TOY--A MAN GAVE HIS LIFE SO YOU COULD BUY IT!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Holiday Top 10 Suggestions

Ho, Ho, Ho...merry...spending!! Are you ready? Are you ready for the holiday rush? Are you ready to charge into the store and shop your wallets empty? Ready to stand in line at the checkout? Ready to wait out in the cold in the dark Friday morning to get first dibs on the post-Thanksgiving sales?

Here are my top 10 tips:

1. Have a budget! Better yet, have a cash budget--one that does not rely on using credit cards. After all, what good is a sale if you are paying months and months of finance charges?! Have you not erased the benefit of getting the sale if you're paying MiseryCard your savings and more in finance charges? Creative financing didn't work for the banks so what makes you think it will work for you?

2. Go out with a shopping list. Better yet, use the list you had your gift recipients make (of course, cut it in half and toss the more expensive half--lol). Just like you should while grocery shopping, a list allows you to stay within your budget, and you won't forget Jr.'s number 7 video game on his list. Don't stray from that list. Ask yourself if little Nadira really needs that pink and white, zebra-striped, frilly, tasseled Betsy Johnson purse you just walked by sitting there teasing your visual mommy senses--then remind yourself that little Dejanee doesn't even like purses!

3. Wear comfortable shoes. You can't shop 'til your wallet drops if you can't walk longer than 30 minutes.

4. Carry a purse that sits on our shoulders--you'll need that second hand. Guys, carry a wallet that's not afraid of getting lighter right before your eyes.

5. Shop online. You can get refurbished Ipods, overstock bedding, discount books and all with free shipping, no long checkout lines and no crazy parent trying to knock you out because you got the last Guitar Hero bundled with 3 other random games they will never play.

6. Buy a gift card...they'll thank you for it when they think of that magenta flannel pajama set you got them last year.

7. Stop writing 'From Santa' on the gift tags...they can tell it's your handwriting!!

8. Wrap the gifts before Christmas Eve.

9. Take a day off just to rest after New Year's Day, after the kids are back in school. You'll need it and deserve it.

10. Remember the reason for the season---food, glorious food!

Monday, November 10, 2008

United We Stand?

I read a post on CNN that criticized Obama supporters for saying negative things about McCouldn't when 'we should all be uniting'. The following was my response:

As I read about the republican effort to insinuate that Obama was like Fidel Castro and referred to in the same sentence as several Latin and South American dictators, I was proud of the fact that Obama did not reciprocate. As I read all the silly stories about how he was not a citizen because he was born in Kenya (which would not matter as his mother was a citizen), I was amazed that he let that slide without much mention. As I read that he was in prison and a murderer, I thought it wonderful that Obama paid not attention. As I listened to the other candidates call him a terrorist, I was amused at the level at which they would sink to win...Barack simply, calmly set the record straight. As I listened to my mother telling about the robocalls she received in her own home saying ridiculously outrageous things about this upstanding citizen, I was angry, but Obama was not. As I listened to so many people, even his own colleagues, discount his power, authority, and credibility, I kept on hoping and he kept on trying to be heard. As I watched history in the making unfold, I was proud. Proud.

As I listened to Obama's speech Tuesday night, I got excited, I was invigorated, I felt as if finally so many young people who had no hope may be able to find a way to hope now. As I realized the reality of Obama's win hit my consciousness, I was disappointed in myself for not completely believing that it could happen. But how ironic that in this seemingly anti-Muslim time, an Anglo-African-American man would be elected president using his Muslim-sounding name, recollecting his life with his white grandparents, mother and African father.

I will be one of those people knocking on your doors in 3 years working hard to re-elect Mr. Obama because he has instilled a sense of confidence in me because of his reactions to all the negativism that was thrown at him. Through it all, never did he stoop as low. Through it all he kept his cool. Through it all he convinced so many of us that we had chosen the right man to lead our country. Through it all, he acted like a future president should. In light of all the negative information coming out now on the other side, I say thank God Mr. Obama won!!

We are all entitled to our opinions and I respect most of them. Why do we keep bringing out the negative even after the campaign is over? Because we were screaming on the inside. We (many of us) kept it in. We knew it would only hurt our candidate as it did yours so we helped Barack by standing unified and strong. As Oprah put we are all UNLEASHED!!!

Many of us instead used our computers to dispel the myths and inform those we could reach about the misleading falsehoods out there. We tried to set the record straight. Never did anyone try to destroy, defame and possibly insight others to physically harm the other candidate. Never would Obama have tolerated people yelling 'kill him' in his audience. Now the election has been decided. For those of you who chose to be so negative, shame on you. But the American people are smarter now. Do they really want to keep being so polarizing? Do they really think it's enough when so many people are hurting in their bank accounts? I think not. Substance is now a requirement. Finally America may be waking up!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008




(Thanks, but no thanks to the 'Mavricky' team! LOL)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pre-election Jitters yesterday afternoon I cast my vote. As you can tell, I have been quite excited about the election because of Barack Obama. Every day I joke with a coworker about this election and I tell him I don't think Barak will be allowed to win. Every day I tell myself that he is not going to win. I guess I am trying to prepare myself for that very real possibility. There are so many dirty tricks the media and the other side has still yet to pull that I have no faith in our electoral system. My dear husband believes all elections are 'fixed' and already decided upon long before we vote. I am inclined to believe him. After all, he did predict the sub-prime and stock crash long ago.

Each time I have voted in the past, I have hoped that my one little vote could help juxtapose my chosen candidate to the top. This time, having already witnessed an election stolen, having seen the true powers of those who really decide the presidency-our electoral college-having seen and heard people give outrageous reasons for supporting McCain, I have almost lost hope. They tried the 'black radical' story, they tried the 'Muslim' story, they tried the 'not prepared' story, they tried the 'elitist' story, they tried the 'not a citizen' story, they tried the 'terrorist' story, they even tried the '6'4" black attacker' story, and now it's the 'illegal immigrant aunt' story. What will be next? There are 3 days left and that seems like a lifetime. In three days a lot can happen.

I cannot fathom a real reason to support McCain other than his race. Usually there are two white guys battling it out and I try to choose the lesser of two evils. I truly don't believe there is any kind of 'evil' with Obama. I truly believe that he wants to make a difference. So many people believe and hope this to be true. But I'm afraid there are many more who just want him gone because of who he is. I sit now waiting in anticipation for Tuesday night to come so it will be all over. The waiting is killing my spirit. I should be happy and excited about the fact that a partially black man that is highly intelligent (not forgetting very HOT!!) and more than qualified to be president has a real chance. Nope...all I am doing is worrying...not only worrying that he will not win, but worrying that he will win. Worrying that someone will take it upon themselves to cause him harm. I don't want to witness a possibly great leader's life ending before his children grow up.

Minister Farrakhan, where is your bulletproof wall from the Million Man March? Barak could really use it right now!!