Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Mr. and Mrs. President:

It give's me such pleasure to see our president so outwardly showing love and affection for his wife. Hollywood needs to step up and give us some of this on the big screen and little screen. Can we say Cliff and Claire Huxtable II??

Yes, we Black folks do love each other too!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are Experiencing the Dream!

I'm so excited I can't decide what I should do with myself!! I took the day off so I could experience everything as our new president is inaugurated. I plan to go out to breakfast. I encouraged others to take a day off in celebration, in reflection...just to bask in the joy and take it all in. But do I celebrate with friends? Do I go to a big bash downtown dressed up in my best gown? Do I just stay home and enjoy it comfortably with my husband?

This much I do know...life as we know it as Black people in America means much more to us all now. If only we can keep the momentum going and change other things for the better. This truly is one of the first times I will feel truly proud of my fellow Americans--I knew what Michelle meant. Somehow so many people made this happen and I am grateful.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fifteen Days and Counting Down!!

Are you excited? I know I am. Only 15 days until Barack Obama becomes president! I am so looking forward to having an intelligent Black man speak for our nation. I already submitted my vacation request...have you? I don't plan to miss a moment of that day!

I do, however, have one criticism. Stop with the old Clinton people already!! As you are young and new to the national political scene, perhaps it is time to give other young and new people a chance. Must every cabinet appointment be of a former Clinton aid or appointee. I read today that a 70 year old Panetta was chosen to be CIA director. I'm sorry, but that is too old!! The man should be retired, sitting on the lanais, fruity drink in hand, in sunny FL basking in the sun! There are plenty of people out there that are qualified for positions on the cabinet and other high appointments. I thought we were bringing in the new but it's turning out to be reinventing the Clinton White House. I hope this isn't the beginning of a long list of disappointments.

I will continue to give our new president the benefit of the doubt. I am hoping his brilliant mind has a plan!

Brick...er...Barack's House

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel's note to Gazans: 'Leave the Area Immediately'

Where would millions of people go when told to leave because you are being invaded? Why is the world standing by watching the genocide of a people? The Palestinians only have an area that is approximately 15 x 3 miles long. To where are they fleeing? Why should they have to leave their homes? Why is it all right for Europeans to, once again, decide it's OK to displace indigenous peoples so more Europeans can settle somewhere? This land was given to the European Jews after World War II as a kind of consolation prize. Why didn't Europeans want Jews to remain in their borders? It smacks of the injustices against Native Americans in the United States when Europeans decided they had 'discovered' a new world. Why does the world not notice that this is a terrible injustice and that is why Hamas continues to fight and be defiant? Why has Barack Obama not stood up and defended the Palestinians who are losing their homes, their lives, their generations to come, their future? We support the Jews? Why? What has Israel done for the United States? Why do they continue to receive monetary support from the taxpayers? Why was it ok for Israel to have nuclear weapons but not ok for other Middle Eastern nations?

Removing all irrelevant religious banter, the reason is OIL! Oil's importance was determined over 60 years ago and Israel's existence lauds over the nations rich with oil. But how long will we sit idly by while people are killed and displaced so that we can maintain our oil watch dogs in the Middle East? It's not ok with me...it shouldn't be ok with any morally grounded person.

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