Friday, August 13, 2010

A Few Random Rants...Incomplete

Obama is nation should dominate another nation. It is time that the US end it's wasteful spending on military and other programs whose intent is world domination. Every country deserves to exist on it's own terms based on the desires of it's people.

We cannot AFFORD to occupy with such military force any country for an undetermined period of time.

There will be turmoil in the middle east as long as EVERYONE wants the oil and other valuable minerals, regardless of whether the US occupies countries. If England is worried, let them send then's of thousands of their own troops to die.

'American Greatness' is almost a conundrum. This country owes many countries and people of the world more apologies than has been given. Do a little bit of research and you can find out about all the horrible things our government has done. Perhaps as president Obama is now privy to the info and remains in shock and disbelief...most of the US led terror doesn't make any headlines.

Timetables for both wars were announced or discussed before Obama was president. Bush put in place the timetable for Iraq. The US simply cannot afford to be at war. If there are other countries that can afford wars, then have at it! But exactly why are we at war again?

Where did the Obama's vacation before the white house? I have friends who are not rich and treated themselves to lavish vacations just because they wanted to and they saved and could afford to. Did other presidents not go on vacation if the economy was bad? I'll have to do research on that one as does anyone who criticizes.

Is he perfect? No. Is anyone? No. Could he do better? Sure.

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